How to maintain your grill brush

by | Last updated May 6, 2022 | grill maintenance

In addition to regularly cleaning your grill brush, you should also consider doing the following grill brush maintenance tips:

  • Keep your brush indoors in between grilling meals in the backyard. This keeps it away from extreme swings in temperature and moisture.
  • When you’re scrubbing off stubborn food debris, don’t press to hard on the brush or bristles. Instead, use a scraper, which many grill brushes have built-in at the other end.
  • When your grill grates are warm, use a metal brush. Food debris is easier to remove when your grill’s grates are warm.
  • When your grill grates are cold, use a nylon bristle grill brush. Never use nylon bristles on a hot grates to prevent them from melting.
  • Inspect your grill’s brushes before every use to ensure that they aren’t loose.