Vented or vent-free natural gas logs?

by | Last updated Jan 5, 2022 | gas logs

Gas logs for your fireplace can be vented or vent-free. Either option is suited to different homeowner tastes.

Vented gas logs are best for homeowners who prefer the appearance of a roaring fire, and are willing to sacrifice some radiant heat for that burning firewood ambiance. Vented gas logs produce more realistic flames at the cost of less efficiency compared to vent free logs. This reduction in efficiency is due to heat escaping through the opened damper in your fireplace.

Vent-free gas logs are an inexpensive and efficient way to add extra heat to a room without having to open the damper on your fireplace. These logs use the air from within the room for combustion and then put heat back out into the room. While more efficient for heating than vented gas logs, vent-free gas log flames do not look as much like firewood log flames as vented gas log flames do.

Pittsburgh Gas Grill and Heater Company can install either vented or vent-free high-quality American-made gas logs in your Pittsburgh area fireplace.