About the MHP Grill Company

by | Last updated Feb 10, 2022 | gas grill

MHP in Antioch, Illinois is the inventor of the first outdoor gas grill. Walter Koziol founded Modern Home Products (MHP) in the 1950s. Walter began the company by creating decorative outdoor gas lanterns.

Based on that early success, he introduced the first outdoor gas grill in 1960. It was called the Perfect Host. It was a round 22 1/2 inches in diameter and made of steel. It was manufactured in Antioch, Illinois where MHP continues to make its grills today.

After three years of experimental designs, MHP introduced the first rectangular gas grill with a hinged lid in 1963. The rectangular shape was a better and more efficient grill. The following year MHP began producing their first rectangular cast aluminum grill with a hinged lid. This grill design remains the most popular in the BBQ industry to this day.

MHP was the pioneer in residential gas lighting and in outdoor gas grills. They continue this innovative tradition to this day. Thankfully, MHP continues to design and manufacture its gas grills in southern Illinois. As always, MHP gas grills are proudly made in the USA.