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One of our service technicians will repair and refurbish your grill, fireplace, heater, gas stove, dryer vent, pellet grill or lantern and place it back in tip top shape! Please call us at 412-655-7444 for information and to book an appointment.

We provide expert repair and restoration service on most brands and models of grills and gas fireplace logs and inserts! We also service outdoor gas lanterns! And we have refurbished grills for sale as well!

We provide our customers with excellent service for any residential gas line work, any gas appliance installation, and any gas line repair. Call or text us for your residential natural gas service!

Gas Grill Service


Safety Check for Gas Leaks, Check All Connections

Clean Cooking Grids and Warming Racks

Remove and Check Burners and Clean Debris from Gill Bottom

Repaint Grill Head (if Black Aluminum) / Clean Stainless Steel Grill Heads

Check Venturi Tubes for Blockages

Outdoor Gas Lantern

Safety Check for Gas Leaks, Check All Connections

Install New Mantels (included with the service fee)

Clean Burner and Clean Debris from Light Head

Clean Glass Panels

Paint Post (if Black)

Gas Fireplace Service

Safety Check for Gas Leaks, Check Wiring and All Connections

Check the Following Components: Millivolt / Ignitor / Fans / Remote Controls

Clean Logs and Burner and Adjust the Burner and Pilot, if Necessary

Residential Natural Gas Service

Pittsburgh Gas Grill & Heater Company will provide any residential gas line work, including gas line repair and gas appliance installation.

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