Can I grill with aluminum foil?

by | Last updated Feb 21, 2022 | gas grill

Yes! Aluminum foil is a very convenient gas grill accessory. Aluminum foil can be used to cook food on or in. It also serves as a drip pan and heat deflector. Vegetables cook best when wrapped in foil. Foil holds in natural liquids, and foods cook moist and tenderly.

Delicate foods like fish fillets and seafood can be cooked on foil placed directly on your grill’s grates. When spit-cooking foods of uneven shape, smaller parts that may cook too fast, may be wrapped in foil.

Foil is also great to use when cleaning your gas grill. For stubborn grease or sauce build-up that is not removed during your normal cleaning process, place a sheet of aluminum foil across your grill grates or grids. With the lid open, turn the control to HIGH and ignite, close lid. After about 25 minutes the residue will be reduced to a white powder, which is easily brushed or wiped off after the grill has cooled.