Gas Log Service Calls in Pittsburgh Area by Compass Point

by | Last updated Jan 8, 2022 | natural gas plumber

Pittsburgh Gas Grill & Heater Company has been the Pittsburgh area’s premier natural gas plumber since 1986. Our shop is located in Bethel Park, which you probably know is south of downtown Pittsburgh.

We do make house calls to areas all around the PIttsburgh area from west of Pittsburgh to east of Pittsburgh and from our home base south of Pittsburgh to north of Pittsburgh. To make our service calls to repair any problems you might have at your house, we arrange our schedule by compass point. This means that we group our service calls by geographic region.

For example, if we have service requests for natural gas log fireplace repair in Monroeville, Penn Hills, Oakmont, McCandless and Shaler, we will schedule the service calls for Monroeville, Penn Hills and Oakmont together on one route and the McCandless and Shaler service calls together on another route. Arranging our service calls this way means that we spend less time driving and more time helping to fix your gas logs!