Gas logs are healthier for your indoor air

by | Last updated Dec 31, 2021 | gas logs

Gas logs are more indoor environmentally friendly than burning firewood. Natural gas logs are an especially good option for those with an allergy to smoke or any sensitivity to polluted air.

When wood is burned, it produces a particulate matter that is released into the air. When wood is burned within your home’s fireplace, those fine particulates and other combustion by-products are released into your home’s indoor air, creating pollution.

These emissions will also collect in your chimney, which is why, after a number of wood fires, chimneys need to be cleaned. Your chimney will not need to be cleaned, however, if you use natural gas logs.

Since gas logs are not constructed of firewood and burn natural gas, you can get all of the heating and aesthetic benefits of a wood-burning fireplace without any of the indoor air pollution or health implications. Pittsburgh Gas Grill & Heater has been installing and servicing gas logs in the Pittsburgh area since 1986.