When should I use seasoning and sauce while grilling?

by | Last updated Feb 22, 2022 | gas grill

Most meats taste better if they have been seasoned or marinated before cooking on the grill. The exception to this is salt. Salt, which tends to dry out foods, is best added after cooking.

Sauces and marinades add a special taste treat when grilled. Marinades are popular because they turn less expensive cuts of meat into tasty entrees. Large items such as roasts should be marinated at least 8 hours or overnight.

Fish, poultry and ribs may be marinated successfully in an hour. Food in the marinade should be turned occasionally and kept cool under refrigeration.

Also, all sugar-based glazes and sauces will burn faster and should be brushed on during final stages of cooking or used as a table sauce. Sauces and glazes go on at the end of cooking while marinades and rubs go on before grilling.