Why a complete annual grill clean and rehab is so important

by | Last updated Mar 31, 2022 | gas grill, service

  • Puffbacks:

Clogged burners full of dirt, dust, grease, rust, or corrosion can allow the accumulation of excess fuel in the gas line. This may eventually lead to a puffback when the fuel eventually ignites. Burners should be free from any kind of impediments to help keep them safe and functioning properly.

  • Bacteria & Rodent Residue:

Dirty drip trays are known to contain ash, spoiled food particles, rodent residue, insects, moldy grease, rust, and bacteria. Acids can corrode many different kinds of metals or wear them away through chemical processes. Although not all metals react with acids in the same way, drip trays are particularly vulnerable to corrosion when exposed to changing weather conditions, moisture, as well as other acidic compounds. For this reason, drip trays should be kept clean at all times.

  • Corrosion:

Not polishing stainless steel grills may compromise the integrity of the product. Regularly polishing and buffing is known to increase durability. Metal polishing acts as a protective sealant to metal surfaces, implying that it stops oxidation. This change essentially means your metal surfaces are much less likely to wear or corrode. With regular polishing, your stainless steel or metal will last a lot longer than unpolished surfaces.

  • Failure & Safety Hazards

Preventative maintenance refers to the proactive or scheduled upkeep of a piece of equipment for the purpose of avoiding unnecessary mechanical failure. Regular cleanings and inspections address issues before they become urgent, increase the lifespan of the grill, reduce the risks of catastrophic failures & safety hazards, and help avoid costly repairs.

  • Wire Bristles Catastrophe:

Coarse wire bristles from your grill brush can break off and get into the food you’re grilling. If you then swallow one, it can puncture parts of the digestive system such as the esophagus, intestines, stomach, or liver. This, in turn, can lead to serious pain and cause far more serious issues in the event the punctures are major. For the purpose of customer safety, grill brushes should be changed out frequently.

  • NEISS (The Consumer Product Safety Commission’s National Electronic Injury Surveillance System) carried out a study that investigated the rate of Wire Bristle injuries and determined that over 1600 patients had visited the emergency room during that period due to injuries; many of these were internal due to people unknowingly swallowing wire bristles. The NEISS was used to derive a national weighted estimate of emergency department visits for wire bristle injury from 2002 to 2014.

Why hire Pittsburgh Gas Grill and Heater Company to service your grill?

To get your grill professionally cleaned means you understand the risks and the value of maintaining a healthy & safe cooking environment. The value of an annual investment in your grill is immeasurable.

Benefits of hiring a grill cleaning professional:

  • A professional understands the safety risks and health issues that are associated with your grill and has the requisite skill & experience to perform a proper cleaning.
  • A professional can properly maintain your grill by exercising preventative maintenance measures in order to identify and reduce mechanical issues and faulty and damaged parts.
  • A professional is well-versed with the nuances of cleaning products and understands what chemicals are safe and/or work best for extending the life of the grill.