Buy American Made Gifts This Year for Christmas!

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Now more than ever, we are all looking for ways to help our neighbors, strengthen our communities, and create meaningful Christmas memories for our families. One way to help is to remember that there is power in our purchases. Let’s make this the year that we put a serious effort into buying American made gifts. It doesn’t have to be all of them to make a difference. Even some American-made gift-giving makes a difference.

Sometimes, products made here cost a little more, because American manufacturers pay workers a fair wage and maintain safe working conditions. None of us want our holiday merriment to come on the back of an exploited child. However, often Made in America products are priced the same as imported choices. Whenever you can, we hope that you will take the time to seek out a high quality domestically produced gift.

Everything we sell here at Pittsburgh Gas Grill and Heater Company was made right here in the USA. Buying from us instead of a big box store means that more American manufacturers are able to employ more American workers. On top of this, we stand behind every product we sell, from grills to gas logs to lanterns, and provide our Pittsburgh-area customers the old-fashioned and high-value service we all deserve.

We at Pittsburgh Gas Grill and Heater Company are proud to serve our Pittsburgh area customers with the same values and commitment as we began with in 1986. This Christmas, we ask you to consider American-made gifts and to shop local.