Long live good old-fashioned customer service

by | Last updated Dec 17, 2021 | American Made, buy small local | 0 comments

Before we had new technology, AI, and e-commerce, we had good old-fashioned customer service. Store owners and service technicians knew you by name. They would bend over backwards to make your experience a good one. And you knew them and could recommend them personally to your neighbors. Today, many believe that this level of customer service is dead and replaced by technology.

But good old-fashioned customer service is not dead and has not been replaced. The heart of that customer service was and will always be a real human connection, with the trust, respect, and loyalty that come alongside that. We at Pittsburgh Gas Grill and Heater Company continue to provide that same level of good old-fashioned customer service that our Pittsburgh-area have grown up with even as we grow and expand alongside technology.

In our products and our service, we want to marry the best traditions of customer service with the latest and greatest in technology. Rest assured that when we arrive at your house for a service call, you’ll experience a best in class customer service experience while benefitting from the best natural gas technology available.