Natural gas heaters for homes

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Who makes the best natural gas heater?

That’s an easy question to answer! Empire Heating Systems make the best natural gas heaters. They have been manufacturing gas-fired home heating equipment near St. Loius in Belleville, Illinois since 1932. That’s right–the best natural gas heaters are made right here in the USA!

Empire makes high-quality zone heating products. They offer direct-vent, vent-free, and B-vent heaters in sizes that will warm almost any room.

You won’t, however, find these for sale next to cheap imports at big box stores. Over those many years, Empire built a network of knowledgeable dealers who help customers with the selection and installation of the best natural gas heater for their home. Those dealers also commit to following through with trained technicians who can service those heaters.

The Pittsburgh area’s dealer for Empire Heating System natural gas heaters is, of course, Pittsburgh Gas Grill and Heater Company. Pittsburgh Gas Grill and Heater only sells the best products for our Pittsburgh region customers!