Top 10 Reasons to Buy Local: 3 & 4

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We are continuing our series on why we should all try to buy local. Today, we are within the top 5 reasons.

4. Because you matter more. There’s a lot written about how we have influence and power with our purchasing power. We can, as they say, vote with our wallet. It’s true that businesses do respond to their customers. So, our values and desires are much more influential to our local small businesses than to the big box stores.

3. Competition and diversity lead to more consumer choices. A marketplace with thousands of choices in the form of small companies is the best way to ensure innovation and free choice over the long term. We all know what happens when one or a handful of companies controls a market. We avoid that fate when we shop small and local.

Pittsburgh Gas Grill and Heater Company is not only a local Pittsburgh-area business, but we ourselves strive to buy local and small. Everything we sell was Made in the USA!