Top 10 Reasons to Buy Local: 7 & 8

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We are continuing with our countdown of the top 10 reasons why we should all buy small and local.

8. Unique Businesses Create Character and Prosperity. The unique character of a community is in part defined by the businesses that operate there. Think of the iconic Pittsburgh-area businesses that represent what Pittsburgh has been and is all about. Locally owned Pittsburgh businesses like the Steelers and Primanti Bros. say something uniquely Pittsburgh to the wider world. Local businesses play a role in our overall satisfaction with living in the Pittsburgh region.

7. Customer Service Is Better. Local companies often hire people with more specific product expertise and focus on better customer experiences. Chances are good that you’ll not only do business with these people, but you’ll also see and interact with these same people around town.

Pittsburgh Gas Grill and Heater Company is not only a local Pittsburgh-area business, but we ourselves strive to buy local and small. Everything we sell was Made in the USA!