Vented or ventless gas logs for your fireplace?

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Vented or ventless gas logs for your fireplace?

Pittsburgh Gas Grill and Heater Company is the Pittsburgh region’s premier installation and service company for natural gas logs. One of our most common questions during this wintertime cold-weather time of year is whether a homeowner should install vented or ventless natural gas logs in their existing fireplace.

Natural gas logs come in two flavors: vented and ventless. As the name suggests, vented gas logs vent to the outside of a home, while ventless gas logs do not require ventilation.

Gas logs look and heat great, so what else is there to know? Turns out that choosing the right set is important, not only for maximum heat output benefits but also for cost efficiency, safety, appearance, and ease of use.

Here are some of the advantages of gas logs for your fireplace this winter:

  1. Keep the look and feel of burning wood.
  2. Avoid the cost and hassle of firewood.
  3. Avoid the smoke and health risks of burning wood.
  4. Maintenance is simple.
  5. Professional natural gas log installation is safe and affordable.
  6. Your heat to cost ratio is one of the best available.

Whether for a living room heat source or something to add coziness to your bedroom, natural gas logs are versatile for a variety of fireplaces.

Pittsburgh Gas Grill and Fireplace Company can help you determine your options, and then you can decide on the best gas logs for your fireplace. One of the considerations for a safe and affordable installation of your gas logs are the presence of a chimney or unused flue. This house feature will help guide you towards vented or ventless natural gas fireplace logs.

Vented gas logs require a venting system, like a chimney to push gases outside of your house, while ventless gas logs can be installed without a chimney. Ventless gas logs are more versatile, as they don’t require a flue or chimney, while vented logs provide a very authentic wood-burning appearance.

Please give our shop a call at (412)655-7444 to talk about your natural gas fireplace log options! We’ve been installing gas logs into fireplaces in the greater Pittsburgh region for decades and would love the opportunity to talk with you about adding fireplace logs to your fireplace.

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