What are gas fireplace logs made of?

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Gas logs are typically made of ceramic fibers, refractory ceramic, or refractory cement. Each of these composites is designed to withstand high heat and resemble real wood as closely as possible. American manufacturers of natural gas fireplace logs use molds of actual wood to create that realistic look. Each material is rated to withstand high amounts of heat, and you shouldn’t need to replace your gas logs for years.

Their appearance is not only appealing, but their appearance is also a goody way to know when they need to be replaced. After years of use, if the begin to appear faded or begin to show sings of wear, then it’s time to replace them.

Each set of natural gas logs can be bundled with a burner system and a grate. They are especially versatile, because they can be used in a pre-existing wood fireplace, making installation requirements minimal. Vented gas logs also have the option to burn brightly with little heat, which means you can enjoy the appearance of a fire on a summer evening without heating the house.